Wed, 06/12/2024 - 11:51

TSUULL Leads the Way in Global Sustainable Development Congress

Renowned for its steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature emerged as a beacon of progress at the esteemed Global Sustainable Development Congress, being held in Bangkok, Thailand, from June 10-13.

In collaboration with prestigious institutions including THE (Times Higher Education) rating agency, the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization, this groundbreaking congress convened over 3,000 trailblazers and thought leaders from across the globe. Unified under the banner of "Unity of higher education, government, industry, and society for a sustainable future," participants collectively explored innovative pathways toward advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Against this backdrop of collective ambition and shared purpose, an exhibition spotlighting the transformative initiatives of more than a hundred universities captured the imagination of attendees. Among the standout contributors TSUULL was represented by Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Prof., Dr.Nozliya Normurodova, and Head of the International Department, Ozoda Gulyamova.


At the heart of the congress, the university's showcase earned widespread acclaim for its pioneering efforts in sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on advancing gender equality—a triumph that resonated deeply with the global audience and underscored the institution's unwavering commitment to social progress.

Throughout the duration of the congress, attendees seized the opportunity to participate in an array of enlightening lectures and masterclasses led by nearly a hundred international experts. These engaging sessions fostered a spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding, igniting fresh perspectives and fueling collective action towards shared objectives.


Looking ahead with eager anticipation, the impending announcement of the 2024 THE Impact rating promises to shine an even brighter spotlight on institutions driving transformative change in sustainability. Building upon its notable inclusion among the TOP-600+ universities worldwide in the 2023 ranking, TSUULL remains resolute in its mission to catalyze positive change and lead Uzbekistan's higher education sector towards a future defined by resilience and sustainability.


With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature continues to inspire and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow on both the local and global stage.

For more information about TSUULL's international collaborations and academic initiatives, please visit our university website regularly.