• promotion and raising the international prestige of the Uzbek language and literature,  in-depth study of issues related to its unique features
  • coordination and strengthening of scientific Turkic studies research
  • restoration of the high status of Uzbek culture in the world 
  • the establishment of the Alisher Navo'i International Institutes and its centers on a global scale
  • radical improvement of the quality of teaching the Uzbek Language and Literature  training of highly qualified personnel


  • Further development of the native language and literature of our people, which is the basis of the national spirit and identity, cultural and educational world, the national ideology;
  • Overcoming the complex problems created by the limited opportunities for the development of our native language during the oppressive period, when our country fell into the clutches of dependence;
  • Conducting an in-depth study of the historical formation and modern development of the Uzbek language with an ancient and rich history;
  • Training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel who have mastered the Uzbek language and literature, its peculiarities, scientific-theoretical, philosophical-aesthetic bases, modern educational technologies, who meet the requirements of the world standards;
  • Training of translators who translate scientific, artistic and other literature from Uzbek into English and other foreign languages, as well as from world languages into our native language with high quality and skill;
  • Promoting of Uzbek language and literature at the international level, training of Uzbek language teachers for higher education institutions abroad;
  • Training of specialists with in-depth humanitarian knowledge for the socio-economic spheres of the country;