Scientific school of Baxtiyor Mengliyev

Scientific school of doctor of philological sciences, professor Bakhtiyor Mengliyev

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       The research carried out in the substantive-pragmatic aspect has direct practical application. Theoretical foundations of  practical use of the Uzbek language in the process of communication have been created, innovative foundations have been developed, practical recommendations are constantly given by the scientific school of DSc,professor Bakhtiyor Mengliyev. On this basis, a scientific mechanism has been developed to increase the attractiveness of oral activity for teaching the Uzbek language. Educational and morphological dictionaries, morphoanalyzer, syntactic analyzer, semantic analyzer have been created. The educational corpus– an integral part of the National Corpus of the Uzbek language was formed. The substantive-pragmatic direction of Uzbek Linguistics aims to create linguistic support, a data bank that serves to ensure the effectiveness of the practical use of the native language, the implementation of fundamental, innovative, practically significant research covering all sections of linguistics.
Uzbek substantive-pragmatic Linguistics functions in the following areas: the study of the Uzbek language on the principle of "Language-speech"; national Lexicography and Terminology; Uzbek educational vocabulary; Uzbek 
Linguistic Corpus; Uzbek Linguoculturology; Uzbek Linguodidactics; issues of linguistic expertise.
As a result, the theoretical foundations of a scientific school dealing with practical issues of achieving the effectiveness of speech were formed in Uzbek Linguistics. To date, Professor Bakhtiyor Mengliyev has successfully mentored 7 DScs and 25 PhDs.