Scientific school of Nurboy Jabborov

Scientific school of doctor of philology, professor Nurboy Jabborov

    Head of the Department of History of Uzbek Literature and Folklore, Doctor of Philology, Professor Nurboy Jabborov is a widely-recognized scientist both in Uzbekistan and the international scientific community. His scientific activity involves studies of  great representatives of Uzbek classical literature such as Alisher Navo’i, Babur, Ogahi, Amir, Furkat and Muqimi  heritage, theoretical problems of classical literature,  theory and practice of textual and literary source studies,  the issues of Jadidism and modern literature as well as principles of development of modern Uzbek poetry and prose.
     The scientist has published 12 books, 1 textbook, 2 manuals, more than 500 scientific and scientific-popular articles so far. His works  “Zamon, mezon, she’riyat” (“Time, Criteria, Poetry”), “Ma’rifat nadir” (What is Enlightenment”), “Adabiyot va milliy ma’naviyat” (“Literature and National Spirituality”), “Maoniy ahlining sohibqironi” (“The Leader of  Maoniy People”)  stand out due to  the thoroughness of their theoretical conclusions. His  research papers have been published in leading journals of the United States, Russia, China, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan.
To date, Professor Nurboy Jabborov has successfully mentored 2 DScs and 12 PhDs. Tursun Qurbon
-the professor at Xinjiang University in China, can serve as a bright examples of successful disciples of Nurboy Jabborov.
Nowadays a number of  researchers are completing their dissertations under scientific guidance of Nurboy Jabborov.