Our Public Lecture Program TSUULL Talks and Start-up Seminars forms part of the University's efforts to contribute knowledge, thought-leadership and innovative ideas to the region.

          The Program showcases dynamic speakers through a number of community-focused talks across a range of disciplines, encouraging constructive debate on issues of regional and global relevance. The public lectures provide a chance to hear first-hand from world-leading researchers and subject-matter experts speaking on topics that affect us all.

         TSUULL Talks, a series of short, informal presentations delivered by the University International Office. It is hoped that the format of the talks will help to make them nimble intellectual resources for the community and a forum for enrichment across diverse fields of expertise.Our aim is to offer to TSUULL Students a Programme that will inform, stimulate, entertain, and excite. We're sharing the best through a series of free online public lectures. 

        TSUULL's Public Talks are always free to attend, they are aimed at the general public, not specialists. They are open to anyone interested in ideas and debate and are completely free of charge.

         In these activities for TSUULL University Students we focus on how to encourage student activity and engagement during lectures in order to support students' learning. We believe in the value of ideas that make a difference and have been bringing leading thinkers from around the world to TSUULL University since 2020. We are currently planning the 2023 series and will be sharing details shortly. To be the first to hear about our online public lecture series, and other events, please sign up to TSUULL Channel in Telegram: