Education outreach activities beyond the campus

Alisher Navo'i Tashkent State University of Uzbek language and literature and educational outreach activities in general schools of Ohangaron district

Every year our university outreaches the district schools in order to provide educational advice to locals and authorities of schools and lyceems. Our teachers present master-classes for teachers in small district schools. This year, we reached schools in Ohangaron, precisely the school located in Ohangaron and Angren city. [over 108 schools were chosen] First of all, the Action Plan for outreach activities were structurised [to see more click here]


On April 29, G. Jorayeva, CHAIRMAN OF THE WOMEN'S COUNCIL, in schools 1-2-8-9 in Ohangaron city, "Uzbekistan - interethnic harmony and religious garden" A cultural concert with the participation of young and well-known pop stars of our republic on the theme of "the country of pride" and "Why do we love Uzbekistan" is aimed at explaining the essence of the reforms in all areas implemented in our country and the events taking place abroad. Spiritual and educational events were organized on the theme of "New Uzbekistan - Third Renaissance" and holding hours of enlightenment. To see report, click here 


In these events, apart from methodological advice, entertaining event was organized in the 1st general education school of Ohangaron city in cooperation with Ohangaron city administration. Imminent poet of Uzbekistan Iqbal Mirza also was a guest visited the event. The event was opened by Akrom Eshankulov, the mayor of Ohangaran. The most active and creative students gathered from 12 schools of Ohangaron city had the opportunity to meet Iqbal Mirza himself, receive his teachings, listen to his poems, and have a conversation. The famous singer Tashpolat Matkarimov's song "White vulture" gave the participants a particularly uplifting spirit. Pupils recited poems. The most active readers got a collection of Iqbal Mirza's poems. At the event, G. Jorayeva spoke and told the students about the importance of learning, the importance of making girls knowledgeable and intelligent, and reading books.