"University Engagement in Fostering Local Enterprises: Support Through Education and Resources"

We have a range of initiatives for students who need support: 
Charity for TSUULL Low-Income Students  

TSUULL is about diversity, inclusion, promoting engagement with others and building strong diverse communities. This is a safe place which makes people feel welcome no matter their background or beliefs. Our backgrounds are part of our identities and shape the stories of our lives. The Charity Program involves the University adopting a series of missions to protect students and staff from food insecurity on its Campus. During 2022, various charity programs were carried out, one of the first was a traditional charity event. From the first days of the academic year, as an environmentally friendly University, a table set with food and non-plastic cutlery organized by TSUULL Rector, Prof. Shuhrat Sirojiddinov for the students of the TSUULL Campus. As always, everybody enjoyed delicious Central Asian food, fun, and entertainment through a festive meal (including fresh Uzbek plov and somsa), dance performances, a fashion show and more. The Charity Program was focused to motivate students before the start of the academic year and inspire young individuals to study hard and to become a significant member in a society.

Free Education Opportunities for developing countries students
The specific vulnerabilities that are experienced by young people and lead them into poverty are complex and originate from a wide range of factors. Distinguishing the causes from the effects is a difficult task. Youth poverty is, namely, not only a matter of resources but also a lack of opportunities. TSUULL has organised free masters degree course for the people from low-income group who find it difficult to come or due to financial shortages find it difficult to attend the university courses. 
Regarding the MOU signed between Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan Islamic Republic (Letter No. 11-PA 2/1-608 dated March 17, 2021)  13 graduate students were admitted to the master's degree of Alisher Navoi Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature for 2021-2022 academic year.

The following Afghanistan citizens were admitted to the master's degree: (2020-2021)

The following Afghanistan citizens were admitted to the master's degree:  (2021-2022)

Provide Affordable Student Accommodation at TSUULL Campus

Since 2016, a newly opened TSUULL Campus has enabled rural students with fewer educational opportunities to get a place to live while studying at TSUULL with a cheap tuition fee. The 672-bed residence is designed to be a home-away-from-home for students that promotes a sense of community. Through such facilities the University provides a pathway to study for students who might experience challenges in finding accommodation.
Well-experienced TSUULL tutors have assisted fully the students with offering advice and guidance, can help look for student housing and find rented properties offered by private landlords. Also the tutors help students to gather all the legal documentation to sign a rental agreement. On the other side, TSUULL students have the right to qualify for a rent subsidy: if they do, the Government of Uzbekistan will pay a student a state subsidy under the national program and TSUULL reimburses 60% of rent. 
Every year TSUULL supports people who come from low-income families and the criteria for accommodation is loosened for:                
people with I, II disabled;
students who have lost their breadwinners;
students whose families are regulated in ‘Temir Daftar’, ‘Women's Daftar’, ‘Yoshlar Daftar’;
students who have two or more fee-paying students in their family.                
The university has created all conditions and facilities for disabled and disabled students in need of social protection. In particular, ramps have been built in front of the student residences and inside the educational buildings for students with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs.
There are also special elevators for going up to the upper floors. Each of the separate rooms for students with disabilities has facilities for bathing and washing (bath, shower, sink). A comfortable opportunity has been created for them to move from a wheelchair to a bed.