The law about "The State Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was adopted on November 18 in 1991 in the 8th session of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan.

The national flag and its symbol represent the historical connection with the ancient states on the border of modern Uzbekistan and embody the national and cultural traditions of the Republic.
The national flag of the Republic is a right-angled colored cloth of three horizontal stripes: blue, white and green.

1. Blue is the symbol of the sky and water, which are the main source of life. It signifies goodness, wisdom, honesty, glory and devotion. Mainly, blue was the color of the state flag of Temur.

2. The white color on the flag is a symbol of the holy peace, and it is blended with the light of the day and the light of the universe. White is a reflection of purity, indifference, cleanliness, cleanness of dreams, aspiration to inner beauty. 
3. Green color is a symbol of renewal of nature. It is a symbol of youth, hope and joy in many nations. 

4. The red stripes represent the tide of vital force flowing in our body. 

The flag of our country is a bright symbol of our past, present and future. Our great compatriot, great mystic, national hero and fiery poet Najmiddin Kubro, who did not want to hand over the flag of the country to the enemy, died holding it in his hands. No matter how hard the enemy tries, he can't pull the flag out of his hand, and eventually cuts it with his paws. Currently, the lives of dozens of leaders, such as Tomaris, Spitamen, Muqanna, Temur Malik, Amir Temur, Jaloliddin Manguberdi are a great example for our generations. In fact, to fly the flag of the Motherland means to love the Motherland, to be ready to sacrifice one's life for it.

The State symbols are always sacred and great. Because it is a bright symbol of the Motherland, which embodies the past, present and future of the people.