Fees and living costs

Fees and funding can be the most daunting part of deciding to study Higher Education. However, there is support for everyone no matter what your circumstances - anyone can afford to go to University.

Applications for bachelor's will be accepted from students who have successfully completed application formStudy at TSUULL is non granted. Bachelor level studies is 4 academic years and master is 2 academic years (for PhD-students 3 academic years). Please note - competition is high, student need to have excellent marks (for bachelor students Commission will evaluate marks for the completed study year at the College or High school, for master students - all marks received during bachelor studies), as well as student need to prepare good motivation and recommendation letters.

Applications have to be submitted (for bachelor and master’s studies from June, 1/ for PhD-students from October, 1) per year.

Academic year at TSUULL for master and bachelor level students starts from 1st week of September. Academic year ends on the end of June.