Scientific school of Qozoqboy Yo'ldoshev

Scientific school of doctor of sciences Kazakboy Yuldoshev

           As the globalized world has provided humanity with a high level of technical means of obtaining information, reading among people has declined sharply. It is especially true in the case of our country. This is partly due to the fact that the teaching of literature in the institutions of the continuing education system is not properly regulated. Members of the Scientific school conduct research to improve the effectiveness of teaching Literature at various stages of continuing education. It provides  scientific and methodological solutions to the most actual  problems of teaching Literature, such as technological teaching methods, interactive methods, problem-based learning, pedagogical collaboration  and teaching students to think independently in Literature lessons. The scientists involved into the work of scientific school of DSc Kazakboy Yuldoshev focuse their research  on improving the effectiveness of Literature teaching in preschools, general secondary schools, and higher philological education.
Kazakboy Yuldoshev  has published 30 scientific and educational works, including 1 dictionary of pedagogical terms (collaborative), 3 textbooks, 1 textbook and more than 750 scientific and scientific-popular articles.