Advising and orientation

Orientation week helps to foster a successful undergraduate experience at the University of ALISHER NAVO’I TASHKENT STATE UZBEK LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE

Students: All first-year students are required to attend Advising & Orientation. By participating at A&O, you will: 

  • Identify campus resources to assist your transition to TSUULL
  • Meet with an academic teacher to begin registering for courses, interact with faculty, staff, and the community
  • Understand academic and community expectations at TSUULL


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You’ve passed the tests; you’ve made the grade — but how will you meet people? Which classes should you take? How will you tap into all that awaits?

University isn’t just about fitting in — it’s about finding a small community of people who will challenge you, and be challenged by you — a group of friends with whom you’ll discover your career. In your first year at TSUULL , you'll make choices that will shape the rest of your career as a student, and after you graduate.

The programs below focus on first-year transition. They will provide you with ways to shape your experience at the university and ensure that your experience fits with your interests. Introducing you to the company of a smaller group of students — people who share your interests, and people who will show you new perspectives you’ve never imagined.