Scientific school of Hamidulla Dadaboev

Scientific school of doctor of philology, professor Hamidulla Dadaboev

He is a leading scholar in the field of Historical Lexicology, Historical Terminology, Historical Lexicography, Source Studies and Textual Studies, Linguistic Theory. His scientific concepts and doctrines are recognized not only within the country, but also all around the world. The scientist has developed a unique methodological framework for covering issues related to the formation and development of the history of warfare and martial arts in Uzbekistan. The scholar's research on the history of socio-political, socio-economic, and military terminology is admitted as an important step in the study of terminology in the diachronic aspect of Turkic studies. 
        Based on the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor Hamidulla Dadaboev was awarded with "Excellence in Spiritual and Enlightenment Affairs",the badge of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan. H.Dadboev has published 12 monographs and pamphlets, 6 textbooks, more than 300 scientific and scientific-popular articles  articles so far. To date, Professor Hamidulla Dadaboev has successfully mentored 10 DScs and 13 PhDs.