Khudoiberiyev Jura Ochilovich

Date of birth: 27.03.1959

Nationality: O‘zbek


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The primary trade union organization in the system of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan (hereinafter referred to as the "primary organization") is a self-governing non-profit public organization founded on a voluntary basis by growing staff and faculty who are the members of the trade union and work at Alisher Navoiy Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature.

- achieving the following is the main goal of the university primary organization: to ensure that every member of the primary organization, regardless of nationality, gender, age and religion, has the right to work, free choice of job, profession, fair working conditions and unemployment and protection of constitutional rights;
- maximizing employment in enterprises, departments, organizations and institutions, increasing incomes and reducing the level of property stratification;
- introducing a socially just system of remuneration and labor regime;  
- controlling over the conclusion of collective agreements and their implementation;
- maintaining and extending of guarantees and benefits adopted and implemented in collective agreements; 
- complianting with labor legislation, labor and environmental laws, rules and regulations;
- establishing social dialogue and social partnership, organizing collective bargaining;
- systematic and regular staff development and professional retraining;
- making a close cooperation with employers, local authorities and public organizations in the development of programs aimed at labor and socio-economic protection of employees, especially youth; 
- holding cultural, educational, physical training and sports events, creating conditions for the rational use of free time, improving the health of trade union members and their families.
In order to achieve its goals, the primary organization reflects production, labor, labor protection, domestic life, spiritual and educational, physical education and sports, health expresses and protects legal rights and interests in the field of education   through its elected and collegial bodies;
- carries out public control over the observance of labor legislation, labor protection legislation, other normative legal acts containing labor law norms;
- concludes collective agreements with employers on behalf of labor collectives and monitors their implementation; 
- participates in the development of current and future plans for the social development of the university, the settlement of individual and collective labor disputes;
- approves the budget of the trade union and the estimate of its expenditure within the funds left at its disposal in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and spends these funds for the specified purposes;
- organizes the implementation of decisions of trade union meetings, conferences, congresses, higher trade union bodies;
- organizes health, cultural, educational and mass sports activities for staff, professors and their families;
- non-union employees make decisions on admitting professors  who are non-union employees  to trade union membership.
Rights and responsibilities of the primary organization:
 The primary organization (its elected bodies) has the following rights in the implementation of its goals and objectives: to adopt the Charter of the Federation and the branch trade union, normative and other local documents that do not contradict the principles of this Charter;
- to elect, recall and replace their representatives in the bodies of higher trade unions in accordance with the established procedure and norms;
- to apply to the elected higher trade union bodies on all issues of trade union activity,  receiving information, if necessary, to support in resolving the issues raised;
- to submit draft documents for consideration by congresses, conferences and elected bodies of higher organizations;
- to participate in the work of collegial bodies of higher trade union organizations through their representatives;
- to send their representatives to training seminars  and events organized by higher trade union bodies;
- to make proposals to the higher trade union bodies in the prescribed manner on the awarding of Federation employees and activists with badges of the Federation and Certificates of Honor, as well as their support for the nomination of state awards, honorary titles;
- to independently plan and organize their work without any interference;
- to public control over compliance with labor, labor protection, employment, trade union legislation;
- to apply to the court at the request of employees or on their own initiative protecting their rights to employment;
 protection of employees' right to work;
- social protection of employees, providing financial assistance to low-income employees in the prescribed manner;
- to extensive use of the media and information and communication technologies to promote and cover trade union activities.
 The primary organization (its elected bodies) is obliged to:
- compliance with and implementation of the Charter of the Federation and the branch trade union and the provisions of this Charter;
- ensuring the implementation of decisions taken by higher trade union bodies within their competence and in accordance with the Charter;
- timely transferring of deductions from trade union membership fees to the relevant higher trade union body in the amount, terms and in the manner prescribed by the Federation Council;
- timely submission of information, data, statistical, financial and other reports in the manner and volume established by the collegial bodies of higher organizations;
- preventing acts that discriminate against the interests of the Federation and its member organizations.