Theory and practice of translation department


The department of  “Theory and practice of translation” is one of the leading departments of the university. The department pays special attention to the training of translators who translate scientific, artistic and other literature from Uzbek to English and other foreign languages, as well as from world languages ​​to our native language with high quality and skill. 

Theoretical problems of translation studies and their practical solutions from the point of view of translation are implemented in the studied language. Common trends in modern translation theory and practice, types and methods of translation, stages of development of translation, categories of lexical-semantic and grammatical compatibility, types of translation by genre and methods used in them, linguocultural and linguogeographic features of languages are studied.
Professors and teachers of the department have organized "simultaneous translation" and "literary translation" circles. In these circles, students discuss the translation and analysis of masterpieces of Uzbek and world literature.

The department plans to fulfill the following priorities:

  • Creation of modern textbooks based on selected literature published abroad;

  • Development of teaching materials for all disciplines and their delivery to students on the basis of modern information and communication technologies;
  • Creating e-learning content;
  • Organization of independent learning for students on the basis of e-learning system;
  • Establishing close relationships with companies in the field of translation in order to guide graduates to the profession;
  • Regular monitoring of literature published abroad;
  • Involve students and teachers in research to introduce new innovative educational technologies;
  • Provision of e-learning resources of the department through the website of the department in the country and around the world;
  • Development of educational and methodological complexes for master’s specialties and the development of new curricula based on the integration of ICT with translation education;
  • To create a basis for the pure artistic translation of poetic images in Uzbek literature into English;
  • Ensuring the implementation of tasks related to strengthening the work of the Presidential decrees and resolutions, instructions and decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers “Literary translation from Uzbek literature into foreign languages”;
  • Development of principles for the creation of dictionaries of art from Uzbek to English;
  • Creation of an electronic android poetic dictionary, which has no alternative in Uzbekistan, which is the technical support of translators of works of art;
  • Further development of science, wide involvement of talented creative youth in artistic translation and scientific activity, creation of conditions for them to realize their creative and intellectual potential;
  • Carrying out research on the creation of an innovative parallel corpus of modern Uzbek and English languages ​​in the hard work of talented young people studying at the university in the field of literary translation;
  • Maximum simplification of literary translation from Uzbek literature into English after the introduction of the dictionary in practice;
  • To increase the level of artistic translations, to ensure that the original plot, composition and artistic image reach the foreign receptor adequately.

Department subjects

Theory and practice of translation (BA, course 1)
Reading culture (BA, course 1)
History and culture of the studying country (BA, course 1)
Uzbek literature (BA, course 2)
World literature (BA, course 2)
Basics of literary translation (BA, course 1)
Basics of scientific and technical translation (BA, course 2)
Practical translation (BA, course 2)
Methodic of teaching translation (BA, course 2)
Competence in literary translation (MA, course 1)
Analysis of the translation of a literary work (MA, course 2)
Theory of scientific and technical translation (MA, course 2)
Practical scientific and technical translation (MA, course 1)
Translation of political terms (MA, course 1)
Translation of political texts (MA, course 2)
Translation of official documents (MA, course 2)
Translation of official documents.(MA, course 2)