Foreign languages department


Starting from September 6, 2021 the Department of Foreign Languages was established based on the Department of Oriental Languages. The Department of Oriental Languages was established in 2016 as part of the Faculty of Translation Theory and Practice and it was designed to teach Arabic and Persian as a second language. The department began its work under the leadership of  Z.Sh. Abdirashidov Doctor of Philosophy. S.R. Satiboldiyeva Dr. of Science, Professor was head of the department from 2018 to 2020. The department is in charge to teach two Oriental languages: Arabic and Persian, and it has organized free training courses for the teaching of these languages. The courses are currently teaching students to read and understand classical literary sources in Arabic, Persian and Old Uzbek.Today the department teaches five languages: Arabic, Persian, Russian, German and French

Head of the department: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philology Rashidova Nargiza Bakhtiyarovna

Consist of the department: The main staff consists of 26 professors and teachers. Of them: 1 doctor of sciences, 3 candidates of sciences, 2 doctors of philosophy (PhD), 4 senior teachers, 16 teachers.

Scientific potential of the department: 25%

Priorities of the department

  • Creating the modern textbooks based on new literature published abroad and in our country;
  • Integrating the science and education with the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts and other related universities, schools and lyceums;
  • Collaborating with well-known professors and experienced foreign experts on the development and implementation of interactive language teaching tools;
  • Improving the scientific potential of professors and teachers of the department, preparation for the defense of doctors of philosophy and science;
  • Publishing articles of professors and teachers in scientific journals of SCOPUS and SCIENCE DIRECT, as well as in prestigious foreign publications.

Department subjects

Arabic language (BA, course 2)
Arabic language (BA, course 2, Uzbek filology and literature)
Arabic language (BA, course 2,Theory and Practice of Translation)
Arabic language (BA, course 2)
Arabic language (BA, course 4)
Arabic language (BA, course 2, Theory and Practice of Translation)
Persian language (BA, course 2)
Persian language (BA, course 1)
Persian language (BA, course 2, Uzbek language and literature)
Persian language (BA, course 3)
Persian language (BA, course 2)
Russian language (BA, course 1)
Russian language (BA, course 2,Theory and Practice of Translation)
Russian language (BA, course 2, Uzbek filology and literatire)
Russian language (BA, course 3)
Russian language (BA, course 2,Theory and Practice of Translation)
German language (BA, course 2)
German language (BA, course 3)
French language (BA, course 2)
French language (BA, course 1)