Department of Marketing and Student Internship


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  • The staff of the department regularly performs the tasks and responsibilities assigned by the University administration
  • Employees of the department strictly follow the rules in their work.
  • Discussing customer requirements for the quality of employees in the training process in the Board of Higher Education Institutions;
  • Facilitate the organization of internships for graduate students in companies and organizations where they can be employed later.



Department of Marketing and Student Internship

To find the real needs for employees in certain areas and specialties of the ministries, departments, authorities, institutions, enterprises and organizations, which are the main customers of undergraduates at the university and organizing “The Day of Career” and job exhibitions for graduates.


  • To evaluate the structure consumers of educational services (employers, organizations with different forms of ownership - state and local governments, government, and etc.) with including the ratio of demands and proposes for the graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degree specialties.
  • To introduce thetopical issues related to improving the quality of training progress for discussion in the Councils of higher education institutions, and accomplish this by cooperating with certain departments of Higher Education institution.
  • To Study the existing needs for young professionals with higher education in sectors and industries of the economy by regions through cooperation with potential employers (consumers) by taking into account the rapid change of marketing services in the higher education system and the interrelationship with the dynamics of the labor market.
  • To Develop the proposals for organizing new methods of training highly educated employees in new areas and specialties in the field of high and innovative technologies based on the needs of current and future development programs of industries and sectors of the economy and regions.
  • To collaborate and get in touch with organizations interested in training new candidates and studying the views of those about the quality and potential of candidates being trained at university.
  • To participate in the preparation, adoption and implementation of management decisions in the field of higher education and training services and the market of educational services. Develop practical proposals and take appropriate measures to ensure the training of competitive employees.
  • To Discuss customer requirements in the Board of Higher Education Institutions for the quality of candidates in the training process.
  • To facilitate of organizing internships for graduate students in companies and organizations where they can be employed later.

Rights and obligations:

  • The activities of the department are directly supervised by the rector of the university;
  • The department reports on the results of its activities to the Academic Council of the University at least once a year;
  • The department regularly informs the relevant departments of the ministry about its activities and follows the relevant instructions and guidelines issued by the ministry;
  • The activities of the department are coordinated and supervised by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.