International Students Affairs Department


Date of birth: 24.09.1985

Nationality: Uzbek


Contact: +998907886353

Office hours: 9:00 -18:00



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International Students Affairs Department

Alisher Navo’i Tashkent State University  of Uzbek Languages and Literature is a diverse international community and welcomes gifted students from around the world. There are currently more than 5000 students in total at the University with over 200 international students representing  different countries. 
Students are offered several areas of study, profiles, modules according to their individual needs in terms of  interactive teaching methods, trainings, laboratories, creative workshops, organized by expert qualified teachers. If you study here, you will receive a great education - something which lasts a lifetime. All our graduates  feel confident and excited about their future, which they create themselves.

Duties of the head of the Department:

  • Facilitating the social adaptation of international students, organizing cultural and educational events;
  • Registering documents and visas of international students;
  • Participating in International Educational Exhibitions and Symposiums;
  • Working with foreign educational organizations in order to attract international students to the university;

Objectives of the International Students Affairs Department:

  • Increasing the recognition and raising prestige of the university abroad;
  • Working on attracting international students to study at the university on the basis of interstate and interdepartmental agreements, as well as on the basis of agreements (contracts) concluded with TSUULL and international  educational institutions, organizations or on the basis of individual agreements (contracts);
  • Enhancing international cooperation in the field of academic exchange, short-term and long-term internships of professors and students at the University;